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Seeking healing: socially, mentally, and physically through Art!


“The act of making art is both scary and healing. Art brings light to places that have remained dark. Art brings perspective. Making art, at any level, is an act of courage and an expression of faith.” ― Julia Cameron.



Christian Wilson is a recent Graduate of the MFA Acting Program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Growing up in New Orleans he began playing Alto Saxophone and developed a strong taste for music, culminating in him becoming a member of Phi Mu Alpha. His musical development lead him to the discovery of the power of stylized language in a range of forms including: Negro Spirituals, Jazz, Hymns, Scriptures, Classical Music, or poetry.

 Hurricane Katrina displaced him and his family August of 2005, and there they traveled to Dallas Texas. This is where he found the theatre: he walked into that little theatre classroom, and there his voice was given space. Not simply allowed simply to announce his pain, but the honored by listeners that made room for his loss.

Since that day Christian has made it his goal to make this art form, that helped him find his tribe, accessible and relatable to all people. Helping people find their own value for this art that could serve a myriad of purposes to hundreds of people. Whether that means putting on shows and classes and public entities without art funding, or simply providing a safe space to vent about the difficulties of  survival. It’s all art.





  • MFA Acting UIUC                                                                                  
  • BA Drama Morehouse College                                                    
  • GRSF Apprentice Company


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